Many services and functions require the management of users in directory services and Co. In the course of digitalization and numerous cooperations that are growing up in the DH.NRW projects, a state-wide identity management for the administration of cross-university services is also a great asset for digitalization. Cross-site management of user data is also necessary in the project. The employees involved in the project play a particularly important role here, because they are the ones who use the ticket tool at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences, for example, to provide support or to implement standard applications in the data backup self-service.

In close coordination with the project, we create synergies and concrete use cases that benefit everyone involved.

Service instance ITSM tool FH Dortmund

The University of Applied Sciences Dortmund supports the consortium for the support of the nationwide data backup service. The provision of the ITSM tool as well as the hosting of the service instance is done in close cooperation with colleagues of the FH Dortmund. Together with the colleagues from the project, we use synergies that promote cooperation at state level.

Dokumentationsplattform von und für

With the establishment of the cross-university documentation portal (, it was possible to create a single point of information, i.e. a uniform, common documentation platform for all backup administrators in the consortium. The partners, who support the project with extensive expertise, have the opportunity to sustainably contribute their expertise via the documentation platform. This not only serves to ensure the integrity of the provided instructions, but also to reduce the documentation maintenance effort at the various university sites confronted with the changeover. The documentation portal is provided by the Universität Paderborn.


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