Service and support belong together like backup and restore. This is exactly the reason why offers a cross-site support service to assist the service-using universities.

While infrastructural inquiries are solved by the administrators of the respective service centers, operational and consulting questions are handled by the expert team. This team offers many years of expertise and competence in backup and restore - regardless of whether it is a service-providing or service-using university.

Cross-location support for

More solutions through cooperation

The cooperative approach of the support process makes it possible to handle even more complex requests and therefore offer users throughout the state the best possible support. While support requests in special cases could not be handled by the local data center due to complexity or rarity, provides the opportunity to consult experts and administrators statewide in the context of backup and restore.

With the addition of cross-site support for the service, it is possible to draw on statewide expertise. Results from support cases receive sustainable added value through documentation. In the joint knowledge platform, both support-relevant information is documented and documentation for users is established in order to provide more help for self-help. (Learn more about our documentation platform at Cooperations)

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