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Service backup and restore

Data backup is an essential part of any basic IT infrastructure. This service is becoming increasingly complex due to the volume of data as well as the variety of data-holding systems. At the same time, the dependency of all universities on the availability of their digital foundation is increasing.

With the help of the experience about jointly implemented backups already gained by individual universities in NRW, is developing a cooperative operating model for this service based on the division of labor. Data backup as a service, based on the uniform software and the state-wide cooperation.

The operational basis is formed by a number of university data centers which - equipped with a modern and powerful infrastructure - offer data backup and recovery as service provider centers for the state universities of North Rhine-Westphalia. In this way, the best of infrastructure and expertise is drawn from a sustainable infrastructure and conceptual design in line with requirements in order to maintain data with a high degree of persistence and security – no matter which state university in NRW.

Common tool for the jointly provided support

Taking into account the diverse internal organizational structures in the central IT of each university, a well-structured support process is of great importance. The modeled process for the support is scalable while preserving the structures and local circumstances of the universities. An ITSM tool provided by Dortmund University of Applied Sciences is used for the joint processing of service requests and fault reports.

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